/* */ The Spooks of Yore: November 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hellow Ladies and Ghouls (heh...classic)

This weekend I'll be talking about the not well known, cult classic: The Devil Bat, starring the master of cult-horror...Bela Lugosi!

Here is a link where you can find more about the movie: IMDB Devil Bat.
And, for those who have *gasp* not heard of Mr. Lugosi...here is where you can find a quick bio, and film list: IMDB Bela Lugosi (here is a longer bio for those who are interested: Wikipedia Bela Lugosi)

Lugosi was at one time synonymous with fear and is most recognized for his portrayal of the most dread blood-sucking fiend alive...er...undead...Count Dracula of Transylvania.

This particular movie falls into the much loved category of "Mad Scientists" (both upset and crazy) .

Tomorrow I will be posting my review, and opinions about the Devil Bat...so, if you have not seen this movie...go out and rent it, or better yet...buy it, and if you don't have time...there will be some spoilers so...watch it, and then come on back!


Dr. Paul Carruthers (Lugosi): Now, rub it on the tender part of your neck
Tommy: [trying the lotion] That feels great... very soothing.
Dr. Paul Carruthers: I don't think you'll ever use anything else.
Roy Heath: Goodnight, Dr. Carruthers!
Dr. Paul Carruthers: Gooooodbye, Roy.