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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello Everybody;

I am sorry for the incredible delay with any posting activity...but life...(yes even the brainless undead hordes have lives) got in the way. I have moved on to a new job at about the time I was going to get this site rocking, and thus the horrible delay, but now that I have settled into a routine, I shall try my best to post at regular intervals! So abandon hope all ye who enter here...the reign of terror is about to begin!

and now a little info about the evil character / character genre being portrayed by Lugosi in this classic:
The Mad Sientist!
In the Devil Bat, Lugosi plays a kindly old scientist whom was recently fired, and because of his current employment predicament, decides to, like every scientist worth his salt would do, get revenge via a gigantic ravenous bat. Interestingly enough the bat, which lugosi enlarges by zapping a with electricty, is quite docile, and only attacks a particular pheromone...which lugosi also creates and distributes as aftershave to his victims...but enough spoilers, I'll leave that for the next post.
The mad scientist has been a classic character type for horror classics, and is sadly under-employed in todays newage slasher/teen/softcore porno/horror movies. Personally, I have always and will always enjoy the mad scientist. He (well, usually a he, I suppose female scientists only go nuts in Japanese movies...I'll talk about this later when we get to the Godzilla days.) is typically a misunderstood genious or a poor victim who wants to strike back at the world that has created him, but sometimes (just sometimes) he is just a psycho with a couple doctorates.
The poor victim scientist is usually a kindly old grey-haired Einsteinesque type who has worked for a company for many years and was either fired due to budget cuts or due to an experiment gone wrong. This usually is the catalyst for his demise into frenzied madness, coupled with an unquenchable lust for revenge! In my opinion...this sets itself up for some brilliant scifi-horror. The really sad thing about most of these stories is that none of the blame is put on the coorperate execs that fired him...all the blame is put on the scientist. who is usually killed by his own monsters or, by some dashing young rogue with no brains, but lots of monster bashing braun.
The misunderstood genious sort of jumps back and forth between the just plain psychotic scientist and the poor victim...the most classic example being Dr. Frankenstein...a misunderstood genious, but still sort of evil. Generally this type of scientist generates some sympathy from the audiance, but also a certain degree of repulsion, usually due to the experiments they are performing. Another good example of this type of scientist is Dr. Jeckyl.
The last form of mad scientinst is the just plain evil scientist, a psycho with lots of education. This type usually shows up in comic books, or tv shows based on comic books, such as batman, or Superman. Generally theres not mush to say...the character is just a nutcase with lots of money (provided by theft or by an evil crime syndicate...think James bond) and lots of brains. (heh, think dexters lab.)
So, if you have any scientist friends...try and figure out which category they fit into:
1. If they are always talking about how their goal is ultimatly the benefit to humanity, and they use only mainstream thinking...then they are probably cool...and will only go evil if they are fired...so make sure your friends stay employed!
2. If they are always talking about how their goal is ultimatly the benefit to humanity, and they use extremly unorthodox (sometimes including occult) methodology...then you know that they are infact misunderstood geniouses...seriously consider the ramifications of their experiments before continuing...if the worst case scenario is not that serious...then thats fine...but if the worst case scenario is hordes of inadverntantly created zombies sweeping the earth in a frenzy of cannabalistic destruction...then please...consider intervening and suggest that they would be happier as an author writing guide books...and coles notes for up and coming scientists...and then, just never let their stuff be published.
3. If they are always talking about how their goal is to ultimatly destroy humanity...then you know they are evil scientists...and you have one of two options...help them, or lock them in some subteranian prison for the rest of tyhere lives...or until they excape, in which case it is your responsibilty to hunt them down with the aid of international super spies.
So, my next post will be a review of the Devil bat, and please for the sake of humanity...if you have any scientist friends...be sure to make sure they are not evil.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hellow Ladies and Ghouls (heh...classic)

This weekend I'll be talking about the not well known, cult classic: The Devil Bat, starring the master of cult-horror...Bela Lugosi!

Here is a link where you can find more about the movie: IMDB Devil Bat.
And, for those who have *gasp* not heard of Mr. Lugosi...here is where you can find a quick bio, and film list: IMDB Bela Lugosi (here is a longer bio for those who are interested: Wikipedia Bela Lugosi)

Lugosi was at one time synonymous with fear and is most recognized for his portrayal of the most dread blood-sucking fiend alive...er...undead...Count Dracula of Transylvania.

This particular movie falls into the much loved category of "Mad Scientists" (both upset and crazy) .

Tomorrow I will be posting my review, and opinions about the Devil Bat...so, if you have not seen this movie...go out and rent it, or better yet...buy it, and if you don't have time...there will be some spoilers so...watch it, and then come on back!


Dr. Paul Carruthers (Lugosi): Now, rub it on the tender part of your neck
Tommy: [trying the lotion] That feels great... very soothing.
Dr. Paul Carruthers: I don't think you'll ever use anything else.
Roy Heath: Goodnight, Dr. Carruthers!
Dr. Paul Carruthers: Gooooodbye, Roy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My pre-zombification name was Adam...feel free to call me brainless zombie # 1 or Adam.

I'm starting this blog up to share with the world my love for old Horror (or sometimes Horible) movies. I will attempt to update this blog atleast once a week...sometimes more...if I have more time.

Some topics I plan to post about:
- Roman Polanski
- Zombie Movies
- Vampire Movies
- Bela Lugosi
- Boris Karloff
- Mummy Movies
- Jack Nicholson
- Toho Movies (Godzilla)
- George A. Romero
- and many more...

Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, comments...but please no spam...I only eat brains.

Email: spooksofyore@gmail.com

- Adam